Greg Delanty at the Editorial Institute

A celebration of the publication and a reading from Selected Delanty.

                                         You remarked,
freeing my tongue’s needle
stuck on its damaged record,
how cúpla dán of mine are hearkening back,
a kind of grappling for the life buoy’s O
of the roads, streets and life of the drowned city
we both hail from.

                                 — Greg Delanty from "The Lost Way"

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Un-Gyve Press Publishes The Truth of Two by Harry Thomas

BOSTON, Oct. 1, 2017 /PRNewswire/ -- Harry Thomas's translations of Catullus, Li Bai, Sor Juana Inés de la Cruz, Giacomo Leopardi, Salvador Díaz Mirón, Paul Valéry, Antonio Machado, Umberto Saba, Giuseppe Ungaretti, Pedro Salinas, Eugenio Montale, Jorge Luis Borges, Pablo Neruda, Primo Levi, Yves Bonnefoy, Joseph Brodsky. The Truth of Two: Selected Translations by Harry Thomas forthcoming from Un-Gyve Press . Publication date November 7, 2017.

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Presented at the Kathryn Schultz Gallery
April 7 – 28, 2016
Reception: Sunday, April 10, 2-4pm

The Cambridge Art Association’s April show features six of Marian Parry’s Atelier  members who still meet regularly with Marian to this day. Selected works of Marian’s lent to the show by her students, along with works by the six participating Atelier members, will be on display at the Kathryn Schultz Gallery from April 7-28, 2016 with an opening reception to be held on Sunday, April 10th, 2-4 pm.

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In Air: John Crowe Ransom

Of the tread of the dark wood mold and turfy rye,

Rich smell of horse in his nostril, wind in his eye,

– from In Air, John Crowe Ransom

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Mark Chester's Touring Exhibit Twosomes at the Gauvin Gallery

BOSTON, June 18, 2014 /PRNewswire/ -- 

Mark Chester's Twosomes touring exhibit and award-winning companion book from Un-Gyve Press represents images culled from his forty years of traveling with a camera, presented in pairings related by subject matter, graphic interest or, as the photographer puts it, "a stretch of the imagination." — a wide-reaching body-of-work that connects architectural icons with sidewalk signage; Japan with Iowa; 1979 with 2002; celebrity with passerby in a manner that reveals, as novelist Paul Theroux describes, "tremendous humanity and humor...In this juxtaposition of matching moods and paraphernalia, Mark Chester shows us in an ingenious way how the world is related and how we matter to each other."

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Un-Gyve Press to Publish Selected Poems of Greg Delanty

BOSTON, Oct. 8, 2014 /PRNewswire/ -- A sense of vital, actual experience is in fact wonderfully sustained in Delanty's verse in its notable linguistic energy, product of a distinctive fusion of a literary lexicon (even Latinate at times) with contemporary demotic, Cork argot, Irish language phrases, place names, craft cant and North American slang (baseball lingo in one poem, 'Tagging the Stealer'). The language of his verse functions indeed as the verbal equivalent of the printer's hellbox (subject of one of the finest of Delanty's poems), which the poet tells us 'was a container in which worn or broken type was thrown to be melted down and recast into new type'. For in Delanty's work a world in constant transition (the 'simultaneous going and comings of life') is realized in a vocabulary and variegated tonal register that displays language itself in the process of being re-made.

— Terence Brown, "Greg Delanty and North America", Agenda, 2008

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Un-Gyve Press Publishes The Paris Book by Marian Parry

BOSTON, May 29, 2014 /PRNewswire/ -- In 1952 Ben Shahn said to Marian Parry, "Marian, make the most beautiful book you can and I'll take it to Curt Valentin." She made The Paris Book, which she had conceived of sometime prior to this prompting, and as promised, the book was presented to Curt Valentin who was moved to publish it. Mr. Valentin, who had published several significant, limited edition books in which the writings of poets and novelists were accompanied by illustrations made by contemporary artists, passed away the following year and The Paris Book was never published.

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Un-Gyve Press Publishes in Prose by Kasia Buczkowska

BOSTON, May 29, 2014 /PRNewswire/ -- Kasia Buczkowska is a writer and translator in New York City, who writes very short fiction in Polish and English. She studied English Philology at the University of Warsaw and English Literature and Film at Columbia University and she says that she "fell into writing fiction, felicitously" living in New York. She has published her "short takes," so named by Rosanna Warren, in Literary ImaginationClarion, and in Przeglad Polski, the cultural supplement to Nowy Dziennik in New York, to which she also contributes articles and reviews. Her first book is a collection of such short takes — with a quality of foreignness to the voice that forms quirky folk-tales and vignettes, urban and pastoral, in Prose.

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Un-Gyve Press Publishes Some Complicity: Poems and Translations by Harry Thomas

BOSTON, Nov. 1, 2013 /PRNewswire/ -- In September, the poet read to a crowded room at an event hosted by Boston University's Editorial Institute for the Association of Literary Scholars, Critics and Writers. The audience included the novelist Leslie Epstein, and the poets David Ferry, Saskia Hamilton, Dan Moran, and Ben Mazer. Forthcoming from Un-Gyve Press are Ben Mazer's critical edition of the Complete Poems of John Crowe Ransom and Archie Burnett'sSelected Poems of Greg Delanty.

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The Gabarron Foundation New York and The Cuban Cultural Center of New York Present Ofill Echevarria's El Mundo de los Vivos | The Real World (Un-Gyve Press)

A thematic monograph of the work of Cuban-American realist painter and multimedia artist, Ofill Echevarria, exploring urban life -- still and in motion.

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