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The Un-Gyve Limited Group of Companies is vertically integrated in the luxury residential and contract furnishings and multidisciplinary design and marketing service sectors. The privately held companies include Bis Bis, Un-Gyve Limited, Domus Design + Development, and Isole Gallery of Art + Industrial Design.

Un-Gyve Press  is an independent imprint of The Un-Gyve Limited Group.

Un-Gyve Records is an independent label of The Un-Gyve Limited Group.

DU: Disegno Universale is an un-profit member of The Un-Gyve Limited Group with the mission to support art, culture, and tradition.




Un-Gyve collaborates with compatible clients in the arts, industry, media, publishing, science, medicine, and the community sector.

Un-Gyve coordinates artist, brand, organization, product, and project development with fully integrated multi-phase services.

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