DU: DISEGNO UNIVERSALE launched as the touring museum exhibit, sponsored by Bis Bis

and presented by the Un-Gyve Limited Group. DU has exhibited at the Isole Gallery of Art +

Industrial Design Boston, as well as museums and galleries such as The Chicago Athenaeum and the

AEC Gallery (Australian Exhibition Centre) in association with the John David Mooney

Foundation. The exhibits have been featured in arts and trade magazines, on radio and television

programs, raising awareness of the importance of eliminating physical and social barriers through

good design in the field, and open practices within the architectural design industry and the arts.

Un-Gyve’s work with Bis Bis on such programs as SpA (Space Planning Associates) — a virtual

association providing design assistance from virtually anywhere — along with an apprenticeship

structure for the promotion of design education, the uAu (Universal Access Undertaking), and The

Bathtub Fund, combines philanthropy with bringing the pleasure and utility of good design to as

many people as possible. Un-Gyve has developed a number of educational programs for the arts,

and was certified upon its inception as a professional development provider in education by the

Commonwealth of Massachusetts.


Our international DU: Disegno Universale exhibit represents our commitment to the architectural

and design community, and our intent to protect and promote artistic integrity in commerce; to

educate as to the value, to culture and society, of this community’s efforts; and to ensure accessibility

and appreciation of design by the elimination of cultural, physical, and social barriers. With this

event, and through our design projects, we promote the market changes to match our mission —

merging trade with education, enlightened commercialism and enhanced design professionalism.


THE DU MISSION to support art, culture, and tradition in acts of preservation and perpetuation

is advanced through apprenticeship programs in the artisinal and skilled trades, adaptive re-use and

architectural conservation, art conservation and restoration, factory and mill renewal, and historic

preservation. DU curates and funds exhibitions, performances, presentations and publications, and

sponsors and undertakes community developments that form the enduring physical and

philosophical foundations of this scope.