Greg Delanty at the Editorial Institute

A celebration of the publication and a reading from Selected Delanty.

                                         You remarked,
freeing my tongue’s needle
stuck on its damaged record,
how cúpla dán of mine are hearkening back,
a kind of grappling for the life buoy’s O
of the roads, streets and life of the drowned city
we both hail from.

                                 — Greg Delanty from "The Lost Way"

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Un-Gyve Press to Publish Selected Poems of Greg Delanty

BOSTON, Oct. 8, 2014 /PRNewswire/ -- A sense of vital, actual experience is in fact wonderfully sustained in Delanty's verse in its notable linguistic energy, product of a distinctive fusion of a literary lexicon (even Latinate at times) with contemporary demotic, Cork argot, Irish language phrases, place names, craft cant and North American slang (baseball lingo in one poem, 'Tagging the Stealer'). The language of his verse functions indeed as the verbal equivalent of the printer's hellbox (subject of one of the finest of Delanty's poems), which the poet tells us 'was a container in which worn or broken type was thrown to be melted down and recast into new type'. For in Delanty's work a world in constant transition (the 'simultaneous going and comings of life') is realized in a vocabulary and variegated tonal register that displays language itself in the process of being re-made.

— Terence Brown, "Greg Delanty and North America", Agenda, 2008

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