THE AIM OF CO-OP-PRODUCTION is to raise awareness of and resources for worthy endeavors in the arts, architecture, literature, trades and community, through old-fashioned cooperation enhanced by technology — creating circumstances that make it possible to do things cooperatively.


Participation is possible in select endeavors profiled on the CO-OPPORTUNITIES page, via general membership, by single subscription and broader support, and by the submissions process open to all members.

  • Subscription: subscribers to a single work will be credited as appropriate, in pages of a publication, end-credits to a film, liner notes, or art catalogue. Contribution rate will vary according to the nature of the production. Subscribers will receive either a single work, in the case of a book, or, for example, a limited edition print, an invitation to a screening or opening celebration.
  • Sponsorship: sponsors will be credited and compensated as above as well as affording annual membership—access to the members portal through which works are nominated to Co-Op-Production, opportunity to submit a single work for consideration by the members, and opportunity to participate in the nomination of other works. Sponsors will receive all membership privileges. The rate of sponsorship is $250.
  • Co-Production: co-producers will receive the privileges of subscription and sponsorship, with appropriate production credits, and further compensation according to the work. The rate of co-production will also vary.
  • Benefaction: benefactors will receive the privileges of subscription and sponsorship, with appropriate mention and extended access throughout the year to special events and opportunities. The rate of benefaction will also vary.